• Competency-based Low Intensity Coach Training (UK IAPT based)
  • Competency-based High Intensity CBT Training (UK IAPT based)
  • Low Intensity ‘in-house’ Clinical Supervisor Training
  • Preparatory Training for Coaching Applicants
  • Risk Management Skills for Health Professionals
  • Low Intensity Coaching for Chronic & Enduring Mental Health Problems
  • Low Intensity Coaching for Young People
  • High Intensity CBT for Young People
  • Clinical Supervisor Training and Supervision
  • Low Intensity Coaching for Employee Assistance & Return to Work
  • Adapting Low Intensity Coaching to Culturally Diverse and Minority Groups
  • Adapting CBT to Older People & Working with Carers & Families  
  • CBT for Occupational Stress, System Change and Workforce Issues
  • Psychological Skills for Health Professionals
  • Person-Centred Interventions


We offer expert advice and scaffolding for organisations aiming to develop evidence-based services and systems. 

​This includes frameworks for flexible service delivery, supervision, clinical governance and risk management.

Our goal is simple: To provide high quality, training and supervision in CBT that is competency-based.


The CBT Institute Australia has a track record of providing training and clinical supervision in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). We specialise in training based on the UK Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Model.

We provide training and supervision in both high intensity and low intensity CBT. The CBT Institute works in collaboration with several leading organisations including Primary Health Networks to advise and develop evidence-based services. This includes low intensity mental health services based on beyondblue's highly successful NewAccess Program. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/newaccess  


CBTi trains and supervises coaches in all NewAccess services, including the beyondblue pilot sites and innovative new services in Australian Primary Health Networks and other key organisations. This includes Adelaide NewAccess (now under RDNS as a national service), Capital Health Network (ACT’s primary health network), NorthCoast PHN (Healthy North Coast NSW), Murrumbidgee NSW PHN in two sites (Intereach NewAccess and Headspace) and Three sites in Queensland (North Brisbane, South Brisbane and Western Queensland). In 2017 we are aiming to expand LiCBT within Headspace, adapting CYP IAPT rolled out in the UK in 2011, and trialled in Headspace Wagga Wagga NSW.

CBTi is piloting training of the first IAPT high intensity service in 2017 alongside the existing low intensity team in Canberra's Capital Health Network, to develop Australia’s first stepped care IAPT service.

In 2018 CBTi began training coaches to offer a service for Australian Defence members and workforce as part of a 3 year project with beyondblue.

Clinical Supervision


Welcome to the CBT Institute

Our Current Services, Successes and Future Developments

Available Training for Organisations

We have a track record of producing competent, 'work ready' health professionals with our training, in Low and High Intensity CBT. We have adapted IAPT training from the UK to Australian health settings. This includes specialist CBT therapist  training, CBT coach training (NewAccess) and other adaptions. We have successfully adapted our CBT curriculum to primary care, children & young people, older persons and other mental health issues

CBT-based clinical supervision is key to embedding  competencies into mental health services. In addition it has a clear clinical governance role and safeguarding function for organisations, staff and service users.

Regular supervision ensures skills acquisition and fidelity to evidence based practices.

We also provide intensive training for clinical supervisor training for mental health professionals